Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Now For A Little Something Different...

A friend of mine from work introduced me to this band's music a while ago, as they are friends of his & he was on a mission to get me to listen to South African music, since I've never really been that into it (even though I am South African). I heard it on the radio today & it reminded me how much I LOVE this song, so I decided to share... hope you like it, too. Their name is City Bowl Mizers (yeah, I don't get it either) & they are from Durban, South Africa.

OMJ... I Mean OME! Would You Look At THIS...

I am all about Team Jacksper, but this is a sight to behold... holy crap, this man is H.O.T. Pictures to appear in Another Man magazine in October. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Angel & Spike - The Original Hot Vamps

I've been meaning to do this for a while now & today I finally did it! My love of vampires goes back to the first time I watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer & it totally blew my mind. I fell in love with David Boreanaz as Angel & I never looked back. Then Spike rode over the Sunnydale sign for the first time & I fell in love with him, too. To this day, whenever I see James Marsters in something, the first word out of my mouth is "Spikey!". My love for David Boreanaz has transcended to his role as Agent Booth in Bones, but he will always be Angel to me. Frankly, he could just stand there doing nothing & I would still watch him!

Granted, the vampires in Twilight are VERY different & were something of an adjustment when I saw the movie, as I hadn't read the books yet & didn't know anything about the Twi-phenomenon. All I knew was that there was a vampire movie coming out & I thought "Ooh, I love vampires! I must go watch that!" Needless to say, I sat there frowning when Edward stepped out into the sunlight & wasn't toast! "WTF?" I thought, "That's not right!" Then he was sparkling & I was choking on my popcorn. I managed to hold my laughter in, which was lucky, since no-one else seemed to be laughing. So I suspended my vampire beliefs & watched the rest of the movie, which I really enjoyed. Until they were going to kill James & I found out vamps had to be ripped limb from limb & then burned. "What a crock of pooh!" I thought, "Imagine if it took that long to kill vamps in Buffy... each episode would have taken at least two hours to allow for all the de-limbing & fire-starting! The hellmouth would have been over-run by all the demons because everyone would have been too busy bonfiring all the vamps! Nevermind the fact that if Spike thought Angel was a nancy-boy, can you imagine what he would say about Edward? Bwahahahaha!" Yes, this whole conversation with myself did happen, but thankfully it took place in my head. Somehow I don't think the other cinema-goers would have been very understanding of my outburst. Eventually Twilight came out on DVD & I bought it, then I bought the books & read them in less than a week & I haven't been the same since.

So, in honor of Joss Whedon's wonderful Buffyverse, I created this YouTube video showing the two vampires who stole my heart first. Angel & Spike forever!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

That Lady Looks Familiar... OMJ!

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the episode of Criminal Minds that Jackson Rathbone was on. The video was recommended to me when I went into my YouTube account, clearly they have picked up on what I like... there's always Jackson videos recommended. :oD

I do find it rather disturbing how well he portrays a woman, though... hmmm, what a good actor he is... *frowns slightly to self* I think I need to go watch the baseball scene in Twilight again... that bat-twirling gets me every time! And when he hits the ball... *died* Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whoever Is Responsible For This Gross Injustice Should Be Shot!

"Sep 22 2009 – 9:25pm Jackson Rathbone returned to the Vancouver Eclipse set after an injury during rehearsals Tuesday." (via http://www.popsugar.com/)

Aaaww, our poor baby apparently hurt his hand! I know we would all willingly kiss & make it all better for him (insert your own innuendo here). =P
But, can I just say, WTF is going on with that hair?! Seriously?! I hope he hurt his hand laying the smack down on the wig person for Eclipse! Why would someone do something like that to such a gorgeous man?! Are they purposely trying to ensure that Edward looks best for the movies by giving our boy such a heinous monstrosity to put on his lovely head?! As if the NM poodle-do wasn't enough, now this...?! It's wrong, I tell you, just WRONG!!! Having said all that... he's still totally going to kick ass in Eclipse, with his flashback & the fight scenes & hopefully we won't even notice that forsaken wig... maybe...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I cannot believe I only saw this video for the first time on Saturday! It's old, but I don't care! It is SO funny & well put together! The person that put this together is a genius! Makes you look at the Biology scene rather differently... =P

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Sad Commentary

This is a video I made of Rob Pattinson, because I was bored (I do lots of seemingly inane things when I'm bored!). What a sad commentary it is, that in the space of 4 days it has had 301 hits, yet the Jacksper vid has been up for 20 days & has only had 172 hits. Meh! I know which one I would have watched more... =P

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mmmm... Jacksper

Here is my first YouTube video that I created. I was inspired by the writings of my favourite FF author Cullen818. She writes the best Jasper fics out there. True story.

An Experiment Of Sorts

Hi. My name is Carol & I need to learn how Blogger works. So what better way than to create a blog & experiment. I love all things Twilight, so that will be the theme.
I hope this doesn't suck too much!