Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jasper's Naughty Girls Need Your Help

So, we're having a blast rec'ing and reviewing dark, dominant, naughty stories, but we need your help finding them. We have set up a C-2 that will contain all of the stories we have already reviewed or rec'd on this blog. We want you to PM us or e-mail us at if you have a recommendation for us. It can be a story you are reading, one you have read or one you wrote.

Like I said, we LOVE this blog, but we can't do it alone. You need to help us by suggesting stories that fall under our category. We want dark, dominant, naughty, sexy, tortured men! They can be vamps, Volturi, wolves, human. As long as they are down and dirty, we'll take them. We like slash too!

Here is the link to our community... Jasper's Naughty Girls Presents The Dark, Dominant, Naughty Stories

You'll eventually be able to find all of our story recs there. Please email or PM us!

Jasper's Darlin' Kathy


We can't wait to hear from you!

Special thanks to Cullen818 for writing this post for us! Thanks, Steph!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Exciting News From Fictionista Workshop

Please take the time to read the following exciting news about upcoming projects from the lovely people at Fictionista Workshop. Thanks so much! They are doing wonderful work over there.

Fictionista Workshop is a thriving, supportive group of writers, editors, and readers working together to create the premier online writing workshop and community for original and derivative fiction. With our unique approach, we have taken the online community to a whole new level. Unlike other communities, we are a republic and not an empire—an open, egalitarian group that is only as strong as our members.

Since 2009, we’ve used this innovative, unique approach to build a volunteer base of 60+ members from various online writing venues, reaching out to dozens of online literary societies to promote, inspire, and unify online writers. Now that this foundation has been established, we are happy to announce that we've just launched our first writing workshops, putting five original and three derivative fiction stories through the tried-and-true method of a writer’s workshop with our own unique twist. In addition, our story archive for original and derivative fiction of all types will open on March 1, 2010.

Through the workshops, our story archive, and other programs like WitFit (and our pending writer, critic and editor boot camps and discussions), members experience a constructive and uniquely encouraging environment. Being a grass-roots nonprofit organization enables us to provide unparalleled networking resources; internship and development programs for our volunteers; skilled support, including story guidance, editing, research help, characterization, and so on; as well as a plethora of information and advice to help new and established writers alike fine-tune their processes. We are excited to have opened the workshops and look forward to seeing the results!

For 2010, Fictionista Workshop is happy to announce the following projects we hope will interest you:

Project: Monthly WitFit

Details: Our next session begins March 1: Sign up now!

Summary: “Write every day” is one of the most popular pieces of advice given to writers, and no other practice holds as many writing rewards. But what about time? Luckily, even twenty minutes a day can help us develop our styles, sharpen our abilities, and stir our imaginations.

We accept original and derivative fiction entries from all online writing communities with all ratings and no word-count limits. Post your entries on our site and your own to increase readership and gather feedback. Consider registering for March 2010 and keep your wit fit!

Project: Volunteer Community Outreach

Details: Applications are currently closed, but will reopen March 1, 2010.

Summary: Do you have a positive attitude and desire to spread the love that is found in online writing, editing, and reviewing communities? If so, apply to volunteer! Students: we have an internship opportunity for your résumé or college application. Apply for the Fictionista Workshop Internship Program.

Fictionista volunteers go beyond the workshops to represent the community in a variety of proactive online projects, including investigative reporting and rating of agents and publishers, hosting boot camps aimed at improving skills of writers, editors and participants, conducting interviews with published authors, and generating how-to guides for online writers and editors seeking to move into the legitimate publishing world. Volunteers need a positive attitude and willingness to work with outstanding writers, editors, agents, publishers, and other communities in the literary field. Applications reopen March 1 at

Project: Ambrosia and Menagerie Series

Details: Submissions are open now! Enter at or, respectively.

Summary: As a nonprofit organization, Fictionista Workshop provides resources and services to our members, helping online writers to achieve their goals by producing anthologies of completed, original short stories submitted by members of online writing communities across the web.

The Ambrosia Series is for the romance genre and is divided into two collections: Venus for erotica, and Cupid for all ages. The Menagerie Series is for all other genres and is also divided into two collections: Teen and Adult. Submit your original short-story works of fiction to be considered for inclusion in the series and for possible publication in hardcopy form.

Stories in these collections will not be put through the full workshop process, but will be edited for fit as needed before the collections are released. As a fiercely egalitarian merit-based community, all stories will be evaluated anonymously by a randomly selected jury of Fictionista Workshop volunteers. Note: These collections are for original works of fiction; previously published works and revised works of derivative fiction are not eligible for this project.

Project: Community Recognition

Details: Monthly Awards for Editor, Writer, and Participant of the Month

Summary: We are grateful for the support and inspiration provided by the online literary community at large, and recognize the importance of each of these roles in the creative process. Writers, editors, and readers all work together to create quality works that inspire, teach, and entertain, thus promoting motivational synergy for the online writing world.

Through our anonymous nomination process, we seek to acknowledge the most helpful members of our community based solely on merit. Nominations open on the first of each month and end on the last day of each month. Show your support and recommend your favorite Writer, Editor or Participant now!

We look forward to working with YOU—please consider dropping by our forums or volunteering March 1st! To find out more, visit or email us at!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Want Jacksper Stills, But Until Then...

Nine new stills from Eclipse... count 'em... NINE! And not a single one of the Major! It's bullshit, I tell you... absolute shit of the bull. So until we get to see Jacksper on a horse (mmmmm...), here's some eye candy to tide you over. Enjoy!

I love this pic, but it's so tiny. If anyone has a bigger copy, please let me know. Thanks! *UPDATED* Much love & thanks to MizzMonkeyBiz on Twitter for the larger version of this pic! You rock! 
From Dread... unf...
From The Last Airbender... Are those tears in his eyes? Bless...
This is how I feel about the fact that there are no Eclipse stills of Jackson yet...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rob Pattinson's Details Cover Blows My Mind

I just saw this on Robsessed and I HAD to post it! Good Lord... the hotness of Rob in this picture defies description... mere words cannot do it justice... I may have started hyperventilating when I saw this cover for Details magazine... behold...
Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pretty Attempts To Show Itself Again

Hey! Look what I found! Recent pictures of Jackson Rathbone that aren't too shit... imho. Hope you like them too. Pictures are from their Saint Rocke show on February 5th, found on Jackson Rathbone Online. Yes, I know the red bandana is still in residence, but to me, he just looks SO much hotter without the face-fur. Also, please note that I have not posted any of the pics with the HP glasses, because it still looks SO wrong. Just saying.
And to end this post, this pic of Jackson was doing the rounds on Twitter on Sunday. Not sure which live show it's from, but clearly he was REALLY happy to be there. *gigglesnort*

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Fandom Celebration Day!

Happy Fandom Celebration Day, everyone! Thanks to the Darlin's for coming up with this great idea!

I cannot properly express how much of a difference this wonderful Twilight world that we all inhabit has made to me. I watched the Twilight movie when it came out, mainly because I've always loved anything about vampires (Angel/Angelus & Spike from Buffy owned me). Needless to say, I was in for a shock because it turned everything I always knew about vamps on it's ear. But I loved it anyway! I only read the Twilight books in March 2008, since it wasn't that big here in South Africa to start with. Soon after that, I discovered FF & I haven't looked back. I struggle to remember what I used to do with my spare time before. Initially I was only reading Edward fics, but then I read Fate Has Brought Us Here by Cullen818 & I've been a Jasper girl since.

I have met so many lovely people through all of this, especially Steph (Cullen818) who I am proud to call a friend. It's because of Steph that I started a blog in the first place. I just wanted to see how Blogger worked & look what happened. :P I was so thrilled when Steph asked me to be part of the Jasper's Naughty Girls blog with her & Kathy, at the beginning of this year. I am loving every moment of it.

Leave me a comment & tell me what you love most about the Fandom & how it has impacted on your life. Thanks for visiting!