Sunday, September 12, 2010

After The Love Has Gone, Only Fools Carry On...

The title of this post is from a song called After The Love Has Gone by British pop group Steps (who I doubt that you have heard of). But, damn, is it ever true, huh? This line has been running through my head for a loooonngg time now & I finally decided to quote Alice and say "It's Time!"

The Team Jacksper blog is officially dead in the water, as far as I am concerned. You've probably noticed by the complete lack of posts for a while that something is up, but now you know. Dear Jackson Rathbone and his arrogant smirk just doesn't quite do it for me anymore. With or without the guitar. I certainly feel absolutely NO inclination to go looking for pictures of him for you like I used to. And when I do on rare occassion venture into JRO or JRS, I see the pics & just think "Meh..." Now, before you go lambasting me for what I've said, there are other factors involved here which have made the point of my blog null & void, so needless to say, I have been losing interest for quite some time now. I am a sensitive soul & when I feel that what I am doing is pointless and my feelings get hurt, my natural inclination is to want to get the fuck out ASAP.

I will be leaving the blog up as is, since I put a shit load of work into it & it is rather heart-breaking to have whatever hard work you've invested lots of time in being kicked to the curb, but I will be making some changes at some stage. I have yet to decide what those changes will be. They might be focused on the AH Edward fanfic kick I am on at the moment & also the fact that reading those, while  imagining the beautifulness that is Robert Pattinson is just pure bliss. I've also been reading a lot of humorous fics lately, because RL is becoming slightly too much for me to take & I've been going through a terrible time emotionally & I really need a break from the seriousness. But when the "fun" of the fandom starts hurting you too, sometimes as much as RL does, then it's time to take a step back, you know? I know this may all sound very melodramatic, but let me tell you, when it's all that has been keeping you going for months & sometimes the only thing that made you feel like you had a purpose in this great big fuckery called life, then it hurts a fucking lot when you feel the need to let it go.

So I will be giving it some more thought & I will let you know what I've come up with, that is if you still want to stick around. I know there have been quite a few of you who have left me some wonderfully encouraging comments & I appreciate it more than I can ever say. I may mess around with the layout of the blog, but I've come to realize that I'm only really good with the pictures & banners, so Lord knows what kind of a stuff-up I'll make. Hold thumbs for me not to fuck it up totally, ok? Anyway, I think that's all I have to say. I have poured my heart out & have probably made a HUGE fool of myself in the process, but that's okay. I'm used to feeling like a fool. It's what I do in my spare time, after all.

And with that, I leave you with one of my all-time favorite Oasis songs, featuring Rhys Ifans (the rather fantastic Spike from Notting Hill)  in the video. It's very profound... watch it. 'Til next time, whenever that may be.

Oasis - The Importance Of Being Idle

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lady Luck Hit Me In The Head With A Stick & Now I'm Going To See Ash

Hey everyone! Yes, I know, I've been gone a looonnnggg time. I would still be gone for a while longer, but something really cool happened to me on Friday, after I had been having the worst week at work of my whole life. And, no, that isn't an exaggeration - worst week ever! Anyway, I had heard that the Irish band, Ash were in SA and the lead singer Tim Wheeler was being interviewed on the radio on Friday afternoon. I decided to call in, because I have been a huge fan since 1996 and I just wanted to tell him how much his music has meant to me. So, I finally get on the radio to chat with him and I'm telling him how much I love their music & how hardly anyone in this country knows their music, which is a travesty. So he's telling me to spread the word & so on. Then Tim asks me if I'm coming to the show & I say unfortunately not, because I live in Durban & the show is in Johannesburg (6 hour car drive, 1 hour plane flight away). Next thing, DJ Fresh pipes up & says "Well, since this girl is such a big fan of yours, if I fly her up here, will you give her a ticket to the show?", so Tim says OF COURSE! Next thing I know, I'm being put on hold so that they can get my details and now, after all that, they are flying myself & a friend up for the show on Wednesday night. Free plane tickets, free accommodation & free show tickets! HOLY SHIT! I just can't get my head around it! NOTHING like this has EVER happened to me before. And there wasn't even a competition going on. My mind is officially blown! So anyway, here are some of my favorite Ash songs for your enjoyment. Check out Orpheus first, it's amazing! Then Shining Light - Annie Lennox did a cover of it, you know. Oh, and by the way, expect some news about the blog soon. xoxo


Girl From Mars

Kung Fu

Oh Yeah

Angel Interceptor

Shining Light

Burn Baby Burn



Renegade Cavalcade


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ben Graupner is HAWT!

The last time I posted some pics of Ben Graupner, I got a visit from the photographer (who I don't know from Adam, btw) who accused me of going to her personal website and stealing her pictures. She left some pretty rude comments, which I promptly deleted along with the photos since that kind of thing REALLY upsets me. I would just like to state that all pictures that I post here are found on either Jackson Rathbone Source or Jackson Rathbone Online or sometimes on Facebook or Twitter. If they are tagged, I leave the tags on, since I don't want to "steal" anything 'cause my Mom told me it was wrong to steal. My Mom also told me that it's wrong to be rude to complete strangers who don't know you from Adam, especially if you don't know the whole story of what happened. My Mom's good like that, but then maybe other Moms aren't. I don't know, therefore I won't judge. See what I did there? Anyway, I digress. My message is this... I promise that I did not come to your personal website and ass-rape it to satisfy my non-existant klepto needs. I saw the pictures, thought they were pretty and thought others might think they were pretty too, therefore I shared them with the few people that visit my blog. No offense intended whatsoever. If a pic is yours, leave me a friendly little comment with a link to your site and I will totally credit you, with the greatest of pleasure. Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, on with the post...

Fact. Ben Graupner is edible. Absolutely, deliciously f*ckhawt and I want to lick him. Just saying. And I love his long legs! Bwahahahaha! I jest (sort of). That comment was for the lovely Circe290 - she's the one that pointed out to me that Jackson's legs look too short for his body. Now I notice this fact in just about every picture of him (even the ones where only the top half of his body is showing! Heehee... I jest again!). ;p Oh dear, I'm digressing again. Here's some pictures of the lovely Ben G for your viewing pleasure...

Pics from the Saint Rocke show on July 20th found on Jackson Rathbone Source.
Pics from the Martini Ranch show on July 21st found on Jackson Rathbone Source.
Do you think Ben knows that the Karate Kid is behind him?
 Pics from the Wasted Space show on July 22nd found on Jackson Rathbone Source.

Here are some videos of the Martini Ranch show. Enjoy!

100 Monkeys playing Live at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale AZ 7/21/10 (Part 1) - via OCDVampAZ on YouTube

100 Monkeys playing Live at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale AZ 7/21/10 (Part 2) - via OCDVampAZ on YouTube

100 Monkeys playing Live at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale AZ 7/21/10 (Part 3) - via OCDVampAZ on YouTube

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some Wallpapers For You

It's been a while since I've played with my Photoshop Elements, so I thought I would make some wallpapers to share. Hope you like them. Click to enlarge to get the full-sized pic.

This last one is especially for Erin. She asked me ages ago to make one with Jackson & Rob, so here it is...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oh, Holy Sh!t! Watch This!

Jackson Rathbone - Nylon TV - I am DIED - That is all.

If anyone is looking for me, I will be unconscious on the floor. Good God, that was amazing!

I made some screencaps of the vid for myself since that was so damn hot, so I thought I would share them with you. Enjoy!
You're welcome! ;)