Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Time For Another Music Monday

So I have a very sad tale to tell... the sound card in my computer is dead and it is KILLING me! I haven't heard anything on the interwebs in weeks and I effing hate it! I even watched the Eclipse Trailer with no sound... how wrong is that?! On Thursday, Tara (mrsalreyami) sent me a link on Twitter to see Jackson Rathbone singing about Hot Fudge. It was the improv song at the show she was at with some of the other lovely Jasper ladies. Just watching it without sound is completely f*ckhot, so I can only imagine how much I will enjoy it when I finally DO have sound. Since I saw what the title of the song is, I've had Hot Fudge by Robbie Williams going round in my head. I LOVE that song! So, without further ado, I present you with Jackson Rathbone singing Hot Fudge, and then some Robbie Williams, 'cause I used to have SUCH a crush on him. :D

100 Monkeys - Hot Fudge

Robbie Williams - Hot Fudge ("Take the piss, always Eng-er-lish")

And here's Robbie singing Me And My Monkey... Love this song!

I heard this song being sung on American Idol the other night and it made me shudder, and not in a good way either. So here is my very favorite version of the song, Somebody To Love by George Michael & Queen... magnificent!


Girlygirl70 said...

I love Somebody To Love and pretty much all other Queen songs, and X Factor and American Idol kicked the shit out of amazing music so thanks for this vid :)

Anonymous said...

OMG you are going to die when you finally get audio. His voice is just..... =)
Thank you once again for thinking of us fellow fans and posting.

I like Queen, some of their songs are very catchy.

CareBare1212 said...

I was in the 3rd row of the crowd for that show, and got the privilege seeing him sing it live! It was soooooo freaking amazing!

Bouncy72 said...

Shame hon, hope your sound card comes back soon. Lol, I have a working soundcard, but it takes my computer ten minutes to stream the video before I can watch it :P

Anonymous said...

TwiCarol, I'm so glad you got to hear it for real today. Hope you have money to buy new whole drawer exploded while I watched this live!

CareBear1212, if you happen to read this, there were 2 of us at the show that night, and we're going to hit some of the other shows that aren't too far away. If you want to be #Groupies with us, find me on twitter under the same name I'm using here.