Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Robert Pattinson 2013 CD Jewel Case Calendar

Oops! I forgot to post this CD Jewel Case Calendar that I made. I have it sitting next to my laptop & it looks great, if I say so myself. ;-P

Wishing you a rather belated Happy New Year...



Muse said...

Carol, many friends of mine *and myself too* were charmed by your calendar, you said you did it? Oh my! That's awesome! Did you ever think in doing it for selling? I wld love to hear from you! Thanks for yr attention!

TwiCarol said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your kind comments. No, I never thought about doing it for selling, but that's not a bad idea. ;P I found the basic template on the internet, then I just added in the pictures using only Rob Wallpapers that I had previously made. You can find all the wallpapers by clicking on the tab at the top. :)