Tuesday, January 5, 2010

100 Monkeys Videos & A Boy-Wizard Gets Mugged

100 Monkeys' official YouTube channel has released a couple of videos from the show they performed last Tuesday at the Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are really great vids. Enjoy!

In the comments section of one of the videos, someone has FINALLY pointed out Jackson's "new" glasses. Now, I've been thinking about this for days now. I didn't want to spread evil rumors so I kept my mouth shut, but now that someone else has pointed it out, I'm just going to say it... HARRY F*CKING POTTER! Jackson Rathbone has perpetrated a heinous crime! Poor little Harry was innocently walking to his next class at Hogwarts, when out of nowhere, J.Action appeared, knocking poor Potter on his ass with his trusty guitar & stealing his GLASSES! Now young Harry wanders from class to class bumping into things, 'cause he can't see where he's going & he can't conjure up another pair, since Jackson took his magic wand, too. Oh, the humanity! Now Jackson is parading around on the 100 Monkeys tour, all smug-like, showing off his Harry Potter glasses. Why did no one stop this from happening? Why, I ask you... WHY? Just give the boy back his glasses, Jackson, and go back to your old ones, for the love of all that is holy. Please! I don't know what you've been told (or what you were on, for that matter), but mugging fictional kids is just NOT COOL! Now that the truth is out, who wants to help me search the delicious Jackson for that magic wand? Hmmm... you've been a VERY bad boy, Jackson, now come here...

BTW, the gorgeous Ben Graupner in these videos... un-f*cking-real! Woof! *thud*

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Bouncy72 said...

Lmfao, Jackson attacking harry potter, classic hon... I was in stitches reading that :)
Thanks for the post :)