Sunday, January 31, 2010

That's Some Effed Up Shit Right There

I just saw this post on Jackson Rathbone Online and I followed the link to Jodie's blog (also found another great post about it here). You just HAVE to go & read her account of what happened when 100 Monkeys performed at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas last night. It sounds like the management & staff at the venue were complete assholes & really effed up the boys' show. We may not know the band personally, but I'm sure we all know enough to know that they would not have reacted as they did without SEVERE provocation. The whole thing sounds like a complete clusterfuck from start to finish & now they have been banned from playing there ever again. As if they would! They don't strike me as stupid, and wanting to go back to a venue after treatment like that would be extreme stupidity! As Jodie says, the Hard Rock Cafe can SUCK IT! Well done for reacting the way you did, Jodie! Sounds like the boys were lucky to have you there!

Everyone who reads this & Jodie's post, please continue to spread the word about what happened to the band, so that people will now how ridiculously crap the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas is. Thanks!


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Jodie Platz said...

You're amazing. Thanks so much for your unwavering support of 100 Monkeys and for posting my blog here on your site!

Down with the Hard Rock!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord...poor Monkeys! Here they are trying to entertain and get backhanded. That's crap! Is there a petition already started or is it individual lettering? I say send it up to HQ of Hard Rock and tell them how arrogant their staff can be.