Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pretty Attempts To Show Itself Again

Hey! Look what I found! Recent pictures of Jackson Rathbone that aren't too shit... imho. Hope you like them too. Pictures are from their Saint Rocke show on February 5th, found on Jackson Rathbone Online. Yes, I know the red bandana is still in residence, but to me, he just looks SO much hotter without the face-fur. Also, please note that I have not posted any of the pics with the HP glasses, because it still looks SO wrong. Just saying.
And to end this post, this pic of Jackson was doing the rounds on Twitter on Sunday. Not sure which live show it's from, but clearly he was REALLY happy to be there. *gigglesnort*


Cullen818 said... earlier lapse in judgement is over. Thanks for helping me get over my moment with pretty Jackson!

Bouncy72 said...

Hey girl :)
I'm back..woo hoo!
Lol, you still looking for the pretties? *grin*