Monday, November 23, 2009

100 Monkeys Sound Compared To The Doors - Really?

So I've been having some trouble deciding on my next blog post, after all the excitement of last week. Especially considering our boy Jackson has barely done any press for New Moon. Do you have any idea how lucky we were to get those pics of him at the Premiere last Monday? Because, besides those pics & the few interviews on YouTube, there has been sweet f*ck-all. How sad! So in my ponderings of what to do next, I googled Jackson Rathbone & found this interview I hadn't seen before. Click here to read the rest of the article. What caught my attention, though, was this quote from Jackson :
When you look at our songs, we sing kind of more blues-oriented songs. We idolize bands like The Doors and The Rolling Stones. Our sound is often compared to The Doors and Tom Waits and Coldplay. We hope our music is acceptable, but we play music that we love, we really do. And because we play music that we love, we find that other people like our music, too.
Now I enjoy their music as much as the next person - I think it's fun & quirky & interesting. They are all very talented & really good at what they do. But compared to The Doors... really? REALLY?! I remember thinking, while I was watching the Ugly Girl video, that I heard what sounded like a Moog synthesizer in the background & I went "Hey, they're using a Moog, just like The Doors! Nice!" I know other bands have used that sound, too, but I always associate it with The Doors, because I love them. =P  I can honestly say that, after listening to a lot of 100 Monkeys songs, I did not make the connection. Their sound is unique in & of itself, but it certainly ain't The Doors quality. Sorry. I still loves you, 100 Monkeys, but no, I don't see it... or hear it, as the case may be. And so, just because I can, I present you with some of my favorite songs by The Doors...
I f*cking ADORE this song!


Magnificently epic...

Hope you enjoyed The Doors as much as I do! If you didn't listen to them all, what are you waiting for? ;)

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Clurrabella said...


I do enjoy the 100 Monkey's, but I have to agree, they don't / can't compare to the greatness that is The Doors :)

I can the connection as far as genres, but actual work, hmm, few and far songs apart could be likened I'm afriad.

I think their disscussion between their musical influences and their actual music was some how lost in translation ~

Intertesting and awesome post once again hon :)

Love Clurrabella