Friday, November 20, 2009

A Rhyme That Prompted A Post That Got Carried Away

So I will start this post by saying that, every time I hear the song Keep Awake by 100 Monkeys & I hear them rhyming the words Kitchen & Itchin', it reminds me of the first time I heard those two words rhymed together in a song. The song is Some Might Say by the truly great Oasis. So, in another totally self-indulgent moment, I'm going to post that anthem of a song here. When I searched for it on YouTube, I found the live version from a live CD that I have of theirs. So, natch, I was like "Maine Road, Manchester, 1996 - the greatest concert EVER by ANYONE!" Did I mention that I ADORE Oasis? I even still have the Maine Road concert on video. Oasis' music & Noel Gallagher's lyrics speak to my soul. Always have, always will. Then I thought, how can I only post Some Might Say? What about The Masterplan? Or Round Are Way? So, now I present the complete fuckawesomeness that is Oasis at the height of their career... Mancunian swagger in all it's glory!

Wait, what's this blog about again? Oh right, Jackson Rathbone...

There... I did my bit... ;)

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