Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy, HAPPY Hump Day

Look what I found on Jackson Rathbone Online . Holy Hotness Batman! How appropriate that it is Hump Day, 'cause I know what I'd like to do to him... woof!

Here's another one, but it's impact is not nearly the same, I'm afraid.
Still smexy, though.

Also found an article about 100 Monkeys' new album, Grape.
Here's a quote from our boy, Jackson :
"We wrote songs as we caravanned cross-country, we recorded songs standing in piles of pillows in the middle of a living room, and we worked with countless amazing people to make it all happen," says 100 Monkeys' Jackson Rathbone.

Read the rest here : 100 Monkeys Launches Grape

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Starfish422 said...

Oh, motherf*cking ungh, is all I can say. :)