Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays To Me! And To You All As Well, Of Course...

I cannot believe what I have just found! My Christmas has just been made! Allow me to explain...

All morning, I have had this song going round & round in my head - (Come Up & See Me) Make Me Smile by Steve Harley & The Cockney Rebel - don't know why, haven't heard it in ages. Then I got to thinking about my very favorite version of that song, which was done live by my very favorite band when I was young, Duran Duran. I'm sure I still have it on cassette somewhere, buried in my closet. If you don't know what a cassette is, please don't tell me, 'cause I will want to hurt you. ;) I digress. So anyway, I go on YouTube, thinking that I'll just have to post the original version of the song, but then I hit the jackpot...
This is Duran Duran performing (Come Up & See Me) Make Me Smile live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London in 1982... I still cannot believe that I found this...

Then I got to thinking about my very favorite Duran Duran concert, As The Lights Go Down, that I used to have on VHS & watched over & over (& over) again. So I searched the songs on YouTube & I found the whole effing concert! Recorded live in 1984 in Oakland, California, these boys were the best live act of that time, imho. If you've never seen these, do yourself a favor & watch them. It will be worth your while. My recs... New Religion, The Seventh Stranger, The Chauffeur & Careless Memories are all must see's. Enjoy!

As The Lights Go Down Part 1 - Tiger Tiger (Intro) & Is There Something I Should Know?

As The Lights Go Down Part 2 - Hungry Like The Wolf & Union Of The Snake

As The Lights Go Down Part 3 - New Religion & Save A Prayer

As The Lights Go Down Part 4 - Rio & The Seventh Stranger

As The Lights Go Down Part 5 - The Chauffeur & Planet Earth

As The Lights Go Down Part 6 - Careless Memories & Girls On Film

I hope you enjoyed the concert & I hope that you and yours have a wonderful, safe & blessed time this festive season, wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

Awww...that's so cute! Now if only he was in that box underneath my tree ;) (haha)

Bouncy72 said...

Mmhmmm Jacksper in a box under the tree! *Grin* & Rob in a ribbon under the tree..ahh Christmas would be PERFECT. Have a good New Years hon :)

CherBella said...

Just found your blog through starfish422's Jackson and Jasper but this is actually a DD comment! :)

LOVE Come Up and See Me Smile too!

They just released the Hammersmith show on a DVD/CD. There's an audio CD along with a DVD of the concert. My friends just got it for me a few weeks ago for my birthday. So no need for cassettes, anymore yay! :)
(Hopefully you can find it in South Africa)

Bookmarking your blog and adding you to my twitter!

TwiCarol said...

@Anonymous Erin - If I could have left him in a box for you under your tree, I would have. ;) On second thoughts, if I had him, I totes would've kept him for myself! LOL! :P

@Bouncy72 - If I could have, I would have left you a nekkid Rob wrapped in a big red ribbon! After I had my wicked way with him, natch! LOL!

@CherBella - Thanks for coming to visit my blog & commenting & bookmarking it & following me on Twitter. :D *stops to take a breath* I'm so glad you love Come Up & See Me, too. A fellow Durannie is always welcome here. :)Thanks so much for letting me know about the Hammersmith show on DVD/CD. I probably wouldn't be able to find it here in SA, but there's a website I use that orders stuff from overseas, so I'll get it that way. Can't wait! Now that cassette can stay buried. ;)