Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday 100 Monkeys Pic Spam

Here are some photos from the 100 Monkeys Grape CD Release Party at the Viper Room on 29 November 2009. All photos found on the always amazing Jackson Rathbone Online site. As always, click to enlarge. Enjoy!


Since I'm doing a post full of 100 Monkeys pics, I decided to share some of my own pics with you. There is a troop of Vervet monkeys that comes by my house almost every day. Most times I miss them since I'm at work, but when I do see them, I feed them bread, even though everyone says you're not supposed to. People always say "they're wild & they will attack you!". This has not been my experience with them AT ALL! They are beautiful & precious & so damn cute! I feel bad for them, because they are just hungry. They still go & forage for their own food, but I feel better knowing they've at least eaten something. I always make sure to never look at them directly, so they don't feel threatened & some of the braver ones even take the bread out of my hand. Some of them prefer to hang back, then I throw the bread to them & they catch it. If it lands on the ground, they actually dust it off with their other hand. They are amazingly clever & fascinating to watch. I always make sure I've got extra bread in the house, in case I see them. The other morning I was even a bit late leaving for work, since they saw me & came running up to me, making their little monkey noises, as if to say "Hey, we're here. Where's the food?" It is impossible for me to deny those little faces. They even jump up on the kitchen window sill & peep at me through the window, to make sure I see them. I find feeding them & just watching them while they are sitting there eating, to be so soothing & calming. One of the very best things about living in the part of South Africa that I live in!

Aren't they precious?

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Cullen818 said...

Thanks for the pictures! All of them! All of the monkeys were adorable although some were hotter than others lol!