Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy F*ck, That's Pretty!

OMJ! How hot are these pics of Jackson from yesterday doing The Last Airbender promos at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in San Francisco? *THUD* Naturally, these superb UHQ pics were found on the magnificent Jackson Rathbone Source site. If you would like to count the freckles on Jackson's face or how many hairs in his re-growth, click & lick to enlarge. The image quality is fantastic! And how freaking precious is that baby Tiger?
And I couldn't resist this one 'cause it's so damn cute!

 And here is an Eclipse Newborn Featurette with some yummy Jasper in it... enjoy! This clip is effing AWESOME!

Well, helloooo Jasper!
Jasper wants a hug, ladies. Any takers?
Told you I'd kick your ass!
So much of fierce!
Screencaps from the above video found on Jackson Rathbone Online.


Cullen818 said...

Oh my...yeah! I need to go write another chapter now. Thanks for the motivation! Great pics!

Madam Akyria said...

Sweet lord! Oh yes it motivates. And kills!

Just damn! Oh damn!

And Carol thank you for the pics, you totally just made my day!

BeCullen said...

Oh Good God these were awesome. Thx

Starfish422 said...

:epic lulz: By "baby tiger" I thought you meant Jackson-with-his-hair-cut (which makes him look SO young) until I saw that there was, in fact, a baby tiger in the post. LOL

TwiCarol said...

Glad you enjoyed the pics, ladies! :D

@Starfish422 - I nearly spat my coffee all over my screen when I read your comment! LMAO! You're dead right, he does look rather young with the new hair, but then he also looks clean... which is always nice change. :P

Anonymous said...

Wow...the pretty was out in full force. I need someone to dump some ice water over my head.

You know, I wasn't so sure about the haircut when he first got it, but I'm seriously loving it now. It's got an old school, bad boy vibe to it. It works for him much better than the long hair.

BTW, who else finds it incredibly funny that he is holding a tiger and giving it this cute/cuddly look?

Anonymous said...

I can't even.....oh my!!!!
Those six flags words....just.....*fansherself*

The one with the tiger is precious and the haircut is working really nicely.

Can't wait to see Jasper in action!!!

Bouncy72 said...

The top photo shoot is my absolute fav in ages. He is SOOOOOOOO adorable with the tiger cubs & it's nice to get some larger good quality photos too.
Thanks bb