Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Internet Was Down, So I Made Some Wallpapers - Oh, And My First Manip

Sadly my internet has been down since early Saturday morning and has only just come back on. Since I was lost without my interwebs, I decided to make a couple of wallpapers, you know, 'cause I was bored. Hope you like them. Click to enlarge. Both are in 1024x768 resolution.

Someone asked me the other day if I had any Jacksper manips for story banners, and my answer was sadly no. So it was decided that I would just have to make my own ones. Here's my first try at a manipulation. Background picture found on Google images, Jackson's head from Nylon shoot.

Once again, the truly awesome and splendiferous Jackson Rathbone Source (I love them, can you tell?) has come through with some fantastic HQ pics of Jackson's spread in Nylon Guys magazine. Click to enlarge, the quality is BE-YOO-TEE-FUL!
The guitar one is so pretty, I separated it from the other one & took the writing out, so you can use it as a background. Yummy!

Also found on, these pics are from a segment done with Jackson to choose his outfit for the MTV Movie Awards. A much better showing of the new shorter hairdo, yes?
Looks like he should be smoking a pipe in this one...
 And here's the video showing the interview...


Anonymous said...

Great walpapers & the manip was hawt. I find I'm liking Jackson's shorter hair. Shows more of his sexy face.

Anonymous said...

Ok, my thoughts:
1) No matter what color that jacket was, it was still SHINY. There is NO excuse for that, Jackson. None. Colorblindness doesn't excuse shiny. *shakes head* Next time, get fashion tips from PFach, who was all kinds of fuckhot at the MTV awards.
2) The "Young Major" card? *thud* There are no words for how insanely hot he looks there. THAT is Jasper Whitlock.
3) The guitar pic? I swear I stared at it all day when I found it. That is SO fuckhot. His arms...*dies*. His package? *dies* His face? *dies* His fingers? Gah! That pic slays me.
Thanks for a great post babe!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot: Those outfits that the stupid moron chick dressed him in? *shakes head* I know we all wish/hope that he and Ben G are an item, but that doesn't mean I want Jackson to look like a flamer. Ugh. Those outfits were WRONG. The leather jacket he came in wearing? Nice.

Bouncy72 said...

Loved the wallpapers. And I had a wee giggle at the was good I'm just not used to seeing Jackson in that sort of pose. You're so good with yr banners & & now manips
@ Tara...what shiny jacket hon? I agree the outfits she dressed him in were apauling!