Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Holy Crow! ANOTHER Post! That's FOUR In A Row!

So I was only going to put photos of Jackson at Bamboozle in this post, since he was looking rather f*ckhawt, imho, but then Clurrabella inadvertently convinced me to add some of Ben Graupner as well. As she said on Twitter, he looked downright sinful at Bamboozle, but then I think he ALWAYS looks downright sinful. So enjoy, everyone! All pics found at Jackson Rathbone Online.
Mouth Porn alert!
I thought this one was SO freaking cute! LOL!
And now for the lovely Clurrabella, I present Ben Graupner... UNF!

Come back tomorrow, I've got another post planned courtesy of the wonderful Tara (mrsalreyami). Til then...


Clurrabella said...

SQEE!! Thank you so much Darlin', Ben G rawks my world...and you did not disappoint!!

Those are, without a doubt the best pics of Ben I have ever seen *ded*

Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Love Clurrabella

Gabby said...

YUM X2!!! *drops dead*


Anonymous said...

*blank stare for 13 minutes*

OMG TwiCarol. There are not words for mouth porn + haircut + sexy shirt + bass in hand.