Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Pic Spam 'Cause Someone Got A Haircut

Hey everyone! That is if there is still anyone that comes here anymore. *blush* Yes, I know, I know, I SUCK! I really have to make a more concerted effort to find stuff to post, and I WILL, damn it! So what has happened since I last posted? Um... loads... our favorite man (-whore) got himself on Facebook (dumbass!) for a supposed one-night-stand; the final Eclipse trailer came out and our boy looked HAWT (I'm going to put it at the end of this post for easy access); a whole lot of other stuff happened that I didn't actually keep up with; and finally, and this is my favorite part, the Pretty got a haircut! WOOHOO! This post is brought to you by Pantene, 'cause the Pretty got shampooed as well! I present you with photographic evidence. All pics found on Jackson Rathbone Online.

This was Jackson on 24 April at the Spencer Bell Legacy Show at Trees in Dallas, Texas. Note that he is still rocking the longer hair, while looking rather f*ckhawt.
This is Jackson on 29 April at the Jerky Lounge show in Providence, Rhode Island. See the haircut, embrace the haircut! I am so happy about the haircut, that I am over-looking the sculpted facial fluff.
This picture below kills me *ded*
Don't you LOVE Ben's shirt? LMAO
So there you have it... are we seeing the pretty make a proper comeback? Oh, I REALLY hope so! Just in time for those red carpets in June. YUM!

Here's that Eclipse trailer as promised, but first some pics of our fierce Major Jasper Whitlock from the trailer. *THUD*

Sorry about the subtitles! :P


Gabby said...

HOLY MOTHER OF CHRIST! Can this nice piece of @$$ be any hotter! He does things to me that I can't even! I love this boy!

BTW...found you through a random search and glad I found you!

Gabby @

Anonymous said...

ooooo la la. He keeps looking better. Thanks for bringing us the loverly haircut.

Charlotte said...
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Charlotte said...

Sorry, my head just fell on the keyboard and mangled it a little. Doesn`t our Major look so badass in that trailer?!
Loving Jackson`s new 'do, obviously. That man makes us believe he`s perfect, then goes and IMPROVES on perfection.
Oh, just out of curiosity, you said in an old (OLD!) post that you like/liked Buffy. Have you considered reading/writing a Buffy fanfic? I`ve got two ideas down already, one just Buffy, one Buffy/Twilight crossover. I would say, 'collab?', but that makes me sound kind of stalkerish, doesn`t it?

Anonymous said...

The haircut is a major SCORE!! Some of those pics are so..... *no words* Now I wait for all the brunette to come back. *hehe* Eclipse is Jasper's movie to shine, kick ass Whitlock!!