Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some SA Music - Oh, And Some Jackson Pics Too


From 11 June to 11 July, South Africa is hosting the Soccer World Cup. Now to any Americans reading this, that may not mean much, but to the rest of the world, it's HUGE! Thirty two countries' football - sorry, soccer - teams are participating. The whole country is abuzz with soccer fever. So, since I'm feeling a bit patriotic, I decided to post some of my favorite songs by South Africans. I'm usually not a huge fan of SA music, but these are pretty damn good, imho. I hope you enjoy them!

City Bowl Mizers - Uh Huh (Til' I Trip Off The Tightrope)

City Bowl Mizers - Cancun

Fire Through The Window - Just Like You Are

Prime Circle - She Always Gets What She Wants

The Parlotones - Colourful

Arno Carstens - Hole Heart

Arno Carstens - Another Universe

Just Jinger (Know as Just Jinjer in the USA) - Shallow Waters

Locnville - 6 Second Poison

And now some Jackson hotness, to end off the post. All pics found on
I know we've all seen these, but if you click on them you will get a MUCH better quality picture, courtesy of the UHQ pics I found on the beyond fabulous Jackson Rathbone Source site. Enjoy!

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