Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jackson Looking Hawt In Two Interviews & Rob Pattinson Being Hilarious!

I'm sure we've all seen these two interviews that MTV did with Jackson, but I thought I would post it 'cause he's looking especially hawt, imho. And as for the Rob vid - absolutely effing hilarious! Love, love, LOVE it!


TwitardedMom said...

Oh My Gawd- I don't normally watch videos. Just saw these and cannont believe how adorable Jackson is. Here is my ratings (as if you care).

Jackson as Jasper. Just OK, they don't give him much of a chance to shine.

Jackson as himself in pictures. Better, some of them are much, much better.

Jackson as himself in videos. Way to sexy and adorable for words.

Jackson as himself in person. Off the charts.

Charlotte said...

I couldnt agree more with what TwitardedMom said!!

Bouncy72 said...

*grin* completely agree with above comments. *dreamy sigh*